Monday, February 7, 2011

Class exercise B 07-Feb-2011

This is the picture chosen for Constructive Criticism.

Description – A verbal account of WHAT is there
Ans:There are a few main parts in the picture. Firstly, the movie named “AVATAR” which is directed by James Cameron is on the top left corner of the pictures. Secondly, the bright yellow McDonalds logo is on the top right corner. Lastly, there is the blue figured avatar in the middle of the jungle on the middle portion of the pictures. 

• Analysis – A discussion of HOW things are presented with an emphasis on relationships.
Ans:The “AVATAR” logo and “McDonalds” logo are both on the top portion of the picture. It suggested cooperation between the movie and the fast food restaurant.
The blue figure avatar are seen to be the main focus point of this picture, it outshine other parts of the picture.  

• Interpretation – A sense of the meaning, implication, or effect of the piece.
Ans:This picture seems to advocate that avatar likes to eat McDonald’s meal. It is sending a strong message that avatar could only be found either in the cinemas or McDonald.

•Judgment – Evaluating the successes and shortcomings of the piece
Ans:It is successful in attracting crowds that likes “Avatar” to dine at McDonald. Avatar is being portrayed in this picture as another living being who love fast food. Avatar has lost its futuristic feeling in this picture.

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