Monday, February 28, 2011

assignment 1a

This is the 4 traits that i have think for myself. My horoscope is libra, I love playing sport, eating foods, playing with dogs and travel to other country.

This is the 4 rough sketch that i have come up with using my traits as inspirations.
I have chosen Libra for my final pieces.

This is the drawing for my computer graphic drawing.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trying out to create a camera.

This is the selected model. Sony nex 5

The structure of the camera is constructed out.
The color is applied to the model. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Assignment 2 15-FEB-2011

This is the chosen picture for the process of reduction. I have chosen Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan as the two public figures.
 First step. I draw as many details into the first drawing as possible.

 Second step. I start to take away details from the drawing.
 Third step.
 Fourth step.
Final product. I suggest it to be placed on the signboard in the wax museum of Hong Kong.

Fifth step.

Class exercise D 15-Feb-2011

We were told to explore different ways of capturing an object and representing it in a different way.

 An eye level picture of the object make the objects appears to have an equal status with you.
 This pictures is viewing the lecture hall from the view of the chair.
 This picture seem to look at the lecture hall with the red object as the main object.
This picture is focusing on the red chair in a different style.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Class exercise C 09-FEB-2011

The object that has been chosen for the process of abstraction is OHP.

First step. I removed the background and leaving only the OHP behind.
Second step. I simplified the movable table to a simple table. Clear away the finer detail on the OHP. Simplifying the wire. Removed the light path and projected screen.

Third step. I removed the table and focus only on the OHP itself. slide were removed from the OHP

. Fourth step. I removed the lens and the wire storage box. leaving it a very simple OHP box.
Fifth step. I simplified the lens stand to just a straight line. Plug of the wire were removed.
Final. I show my drawing to my friends and they commented that the 3rd drawing is the most simplified and recognizable OHP. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Assignment 1 design process 07-Feb-2011

A few design were think up of.
Three were chosen for the final prototype.
 This is the first prototype. The hand and the statue base has been added in to represent the pushing of the statue off the base.
 This is the second prototype. It has been design in a way that the Libra scale is a gift to someone else.
This is the last prototype. It is an improved version of the first prototype. The hand is taken away. Tree, grass patch and pavement are added to give the statue a feeling that is about to fall off from the base.
After feedback from friends, this is the final version.

Class exercise B 07-Feb-2011

This is the picture chosen for Constructive Criticism.

Description – A verbal account of WHAT is there
Ans:There are a few main parts in the picture. Firstly, the movie named “AVATAR” which is directed by James Cameron is on the top left corner of the pictures. Secondly, the bright yellow McDonalds logo is on the top right corner. Lastly, there is the blue figured avatar in the middle of the jungle on the middle portion of the pictures. 

• Analysis – A discussion of HOW things are presented with an emphasis on relationships.
Ans:The “AVATAR” logo and “McDonalds” logo are both on the top portion of the picture. It suggested cooperation between the movie and the fast food restaurant.
The blue figure avatar are seen to be the main focus point of this picture, it outshine other parts of the picture.  

• Interpretation – A sense of the meaning, implication, or effect of the piece.
Ans:This picture seems to advocate that avatar likes to eat McDonald’s meal. It is sending a strong message that avatar could only be found either in the cinemas or McDonald.

•Judgment – Evaluating the successes and shortcomings of the piece
Ans:It is successful in attracting crowds that likes “Avatar” to dine at McDonald. Avatar is being portrayed in this picture as another living being who love fast food. Avatar has lost its futuristic feeling in this picture.