Monday, January 10, 2011

Nm2208-Class assignment A

First post- 10-Jan-2011

Nm2208 class assignment A

Description: This is a imaginative device that i have come up with. I named this imaginary device as Lego pad, which is inspired by Ipad and Lego. I find Lego bricks to be very stimulus to brain activity and one's creativity. This devices has many external parts/components which I named as "I@chips" that has different functions, example: time, camera, sketch pad,etc.. All of these parts are able to interact with each others on the lego pad to perform certain task. For example, the media player could interact with the control on the lego pad to play a movie or link media player with sketch pad to transfer a still images of the movie onto the sketch pad for image alteration . There could be so many ways of interacting and playing with this devices. The only limitation is one's creativeness.

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